About Us

We wish to serve our clients throughout the year by offering professional service and expertise through the availability of multiple Enrolled Agents. Kari Pel, Dr. Paul McReynolds, and Dr. Kelly Douglas work as a team to assist you with your financial and tax planning needs during tax season and beyond.

Dedication to Ministers

The Enrolled Agents at Pel & Associates are dedicated to ministers' tax planning, and are good at it. We are experts in ministers' housing allowance and special self-employment tax issues. We also understand the unique struggles and opportunities that ministers have to provide for their retirement and other financial goals. At Pel & Associates we see our work in this area as one way in which we can minister as part of the Kingdom of God.

Dedication to You

Although we have a unique expertise in our work with ministers, Pel & Associates is not limited in its scope. We also have expert knowledge in small business planning and working with families. Let us be your first call. If you have a question - call us! If we can't help you, we will get you in contact with someone who can.

Reliance on Referrals

Great clients refer great clients. The primary form of marketing for Pel & Associates currently is in receiving such excellent referrals from our clients, so please continue to send referrals our way. We appreciate your business and we thank you. Remember to call Pel & Associates first for all of your financial and tax planning needs.

Meet the Enrolled Agents

Kari Pel

Tax Preparation, Owner

"Oh, it's been a great journey. I graduated from Hope International University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Soon after, I was introduced to Dr. Paul McReynolds and took over the business in 2000. I am an Enrolled Agent (EA) and certified financial planner™ (CFP®). We have gone through a couple of name changes, and a few location moves, but our focus has always been on serving the Church by assisting ministers with their financial and tax planning needs. And we've grown! We strive to be the primary resource for exempt organizations for financial and tax advice. We prepare around 1,000 tax returns annually. The list of small businesses and tax exempt organizations that we serve grows each year. And our recent affiliation with VantaQuest has given us access to an expanded level of service, including the recent educational workshop that I had the privilege of speaking at. I also love to read and to do a bit of traveling. Yes, it's been a great journey, and the best is yet to come!"

Dr. Paul McReynolds

Tax Preparation

"I finished an MBA program in 1980 and wanted to do something with that. I started working for a Tax company in Downey. After two years that company self-destructed and I contacted about 100 clients with whom I had worked. So I have been doing taxes and specializing in Ministerial taxation since 1980. When I decided to retire from full time teaching at Hope International University, I looked for 4 years to find someone who would take care of my clients as I did and after several failed attempts, Kari joined me. She took over the business in 2000 and I have worked with her ever since. Since 1980 both the tax laws and the technology have changed drastically but I have enjoyed the changes and the relationship with all the people I have worked with and continue to work with. It is very satisfying and enjoyable."

Dr. Kelly Douglas

Tax Assistance

"I began working for Pel & Associates as an administrative assistant in 2019 when I was a student, substitute teacher, and church planter. I enjoyed working with the team, so when I finished my degree, I began to study tax law and became an Enrolled Agent in 2022. I am a minister as well, and I started a small nonprofit to best serve the cross-cultural ministry I do locally. I have served in vocational ministry since 2011. I enjoy helping ministers live for God's kingdom while serving this world ethically and effectively."

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