Prepare for Your Tax Appointment

In order to prepare a complete and accurate return, we need to receive all of your relevant information in an organized way. We prepare documents to help you in this process. For remote appointments, we ask that you combine all of your tax documents along with our organizational forms into a single packet and either scan and upload them as a single PDF into your Cloud, fax them, or mail them. If you bring documents to an in person appointment or send them in the mail for a remote appointment, please send us only the documents that are needed. Consider mailing in copies of your forms rather than the originals. We will scan physical documents we receive into our system, and envelopes, sticky notes, or staples can slow down the process. Please also note that you can keep copies of your receipts for your records; simply send us the totals in each category unless you have questions about a particular receipt.

Information we need includes:

Our documents will help you in the process of gathering information. Please always include our documents with your tax information.